Graphics, web design, internet research and more!

Need assistance with YOUR family tree?  Get help for only $5 per hour from an expert with the time to devote to research.

I am presently using the website ancestry.ca.

The Family Tree I have is called:

Keith/White/Storey/Furber/Uhl/MORE http://trees.ancestry.ca/tree/13475466/family

other trees include:

Alberta History, Saskatchewan History, BC History, Sedgewick Revisited, various trees for  people...

encompassing more than 30,000 people--stories, photos, historical records.

I utilize internet research, social media and town history books. I have the support of other connected family trees, but use them only for reference. All sources are documented. Ancestry.ca provides me with censuses and other databases.

I scan slides (2x2 and 35 mm) and scrapbooks and burn them on DVD, so they can be viewed on TV, computer or video. I also have a program that puts them into attractive digital scrapbooks and slideshows for reunions, birthdays, memorials and more!

Database Input/Data Entry

Entry in YOUR database via Excel, Word, onsite or off. Excellent Mac to PC compatibility.

Data entry such as information, ballots, tradeshow, ticket sales, lists.

Take advantage of my accuracy, and proof reading skills. Accuracy is important with a database. Garbage in, garbage out.

Take advantage of my knowledge of names, postal standards, email addresses.

Take advantage of my knowledge of essential software like wordprocessors such as MS Word, flat databases such as MS Excel, 

relational databases such as Filemaker Pro.

Direct Mail Database

Choose from over 40,000 profiles of Grande Prairie and area! Kept up-to-date via the internet, Telus, social media and the news. Groomed regularly. Each entry is tagged with the source(s). Many entries include website and email. Select consumer lists, by demographics, by industry and so much more!

Quickly grow your business through database marketing. Morph entries (via Excel etc) into your OWN database.

What better way to reach your potential customers by contacting them directly and often? By knowing their lifestyle, their preferences and even which of your competitors they buy from? This is the "guerilla" power of target marketing by database.

Custom Filemaker Pro™ 

Written and customized for you in Macintosh or Windows. Re-purpose your information and get a hold of your paperwork.


"Wish Come True"

I specialize in finding that elusive item for customers.

Let me know your "wish"! My treasures come from many different sources, and they are unique, classic and worth having and enjoying!

I can buy and sell items for you on ebay.ca, using my seller ID of cornerhouse.ab

Shop & Sell Online

Experienced buying and selling online. Etsy, Kijiji... Advertise YOUR business on Facebook...